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In pursuit of a low cost alternative to a HEATHROW AIRPORT TAXI? Try Cheetah Cars.


The trip to and from the airport is often dreaded so much more than the journey you plan to take by plane. Conventional Heathrow airport taxis can be expensive; taking luggage on public transport is a (literal) drag and you don't want to be that friend or family member that asks for a ride at an ungodly hour, costing more than you expected in parking fees. That's right, the airport transfer has all kinds of negative connotations. However, with Cheetah Cars minicabs, there's really no need for that to be the case. With us, you can start your journey to Heathrow airport or return from there in style. We say that Cheetah Cars minicabs offer the best transport solution to and from Heathrow airport, and our satisfied customers would happily agree.
Minicab and taxi in Heathrow Airport

First of all, we offer fixed rates. You don't have to be subjected to the mysteries of the taximeter when you're en-route to Heathrow airport. Instead, you can ask in advance and we will be glad to provide a quote with no obligation to you. We're confident it will cost less than a taxi to ride with us. That's because with us there are no hidden standing charges, no booking fees and even no cancellation fees. Travel plans can be subject to change and we understand that. Cheetah Cars minicabs offer a modern service and we aim to adapt to the needs of our customers without costing the world. Forget sky-high prices when you travel to Heathrow airport. Here at Cheetah Cars minicabs we have our feet firmly on the ground.

When you are travelling or returning from a holiday abroad, we understand you have different needs. It doesn't matter if your trip to Heathrow was business or pleasure, it's always a pleasure to travel with Cheetah Cars minicabs. If you are away on a corporate excursion, perhaps it's more appropriate that we meet you in an executive vehicle? That's no problem as we have a range of them available in our fleet. When travelling internationally from Heathrow, we can be all too aware of our collective carbon footprint. Soothe your environmental conscience with one of our eco-friendly, green vehicles. You needn't worry if you have a lot of luggage to travel with either. We are happy to offer our customers a range of vehicles with extra spacious boot space. The sky is the limit with Cheetah Cars minicabs!

If you're flying in the wee hours of the morning, let us handle the little details of your trip so you don't have to worry about it. We offer a 24 hour service, 365 days a week so no matter when you need to be at Heathrow, we have your back and your baggage. You can call us now for a no-obligation quote, or should we say 'duty free?' We are a fully dependable service so whenever you need transport to or from Heathrow, think Cheetah Cars minicabs. Even if you're arriving during the dreaded rush hour, we will be happy to accept your advance booking. There's nothing worse than joining a long Heathrow airport taxi queue after a long flight. With Cheetah Cars minicabs, we take away all that stress!

Did you know Cheetah Cars minicabs can be booked online? We've implemented an excellent online booking system that you're going to find oh-so-easy. And don't worry about directing us to the correct part of busy Heathrow airport as, with your GPS coordinates, we can pinpoint exactly where you are. If you're new to London, your safety when leaving Heathrow is of paramount importance. With Cheetah Cars minicabs, you receive a car and driver that have met stringent City of London regulations - just like a regular Heathrow airport taxi. All rides are insured and our drivers are trained, friendly professionals. They offer a five star service on a bargain budget to customers traveling to or from Heathrow airport.

If you're arriving to Heathrow, maybe you're interested in our ultra-convenient service where we track your flight to ensure we arrive on time even if your flight does not. This way, we will be ready to receive you as soon as you arrive. Does your average taxi offer such a personal service? We will ensure the next leg of your journey begins as soon as you touch down at Heathrow. No more delays when you use Cheetah Cars minicabs!

It's time for you to find out why Cheetah Cars minicabs have an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 according to independent review sites. It's time for you to join the hordes of Londoners who keep coming back to Cheetah Cars minicabs instead of a taxi when they seek an efficient and affordable transport solution. With our affordable, fixed prices and our super-professional staff members, we will be sure to make your customer service experience a positive one. Remember that for Heathrow airport we can offer more spacious vehicles as well as a 'track your flight' service! The taxi queue at Heathrow airport can be a nightmare but that simply doesn't concern customers of Cheetah Cars minicabs. Try our service now!


Can I order a minicab or Heathrow airport taxi during the COVID-19 outbreak?


Can I pay by card?


Can I book a Heathrow airport taxi or minicab on behalf of someone else?

Yes, you can order a minicab on behalf of third parties. Please ensure to provide us with their contact details.

Can I obtain a fixed quote for a Heathrow airport taxi in advance?

You can with a minicab.

How do I order a Heathrow airport taxi?

You can join the back of the queue at Heathrow airports taxi rank or have a driver waiting just for you inside the arrivals hall at a fraction of the cost by pre-booking. Call +44208 459 2525 to book a minicab with us.

How much is the cost of a Heathrow airport taxi?

A regular Heathrow airport taxi uses a meter that calculates your fare based on time and distance. Savvy tourists and frequent flyers take advantage of our great value fixed fares (on long distance transfers in a Heathrow airport minicab).

Is a minicab cheaper than a Heathrow airport taxi and Uber?

Yes. Our minicabs offer discounted fares on long haul transfers.


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