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There are so many wonderful reasons to visit London! Did you know that London is not only the capital of England, it is also the most populated city in the United Kingdom? It stands on the River Thames, in the south east of the island of Great Britain. In London you can find an incredible mix of cultures and the traditional juxtaposed with the modern. Your transport around London should reflect this mix of old and new. Cheetah Cars minicabs incorporates old-fashioned, high-quality customer service with modern innovation to provide a premium experience for our valued clients. We're London's premier minicab service and it isn't hard to see why! When you need an affordable and efficient transport solution in London, think about Cheetah Cars minicabs and not a conventional London taxi. We'd be delighted to assist you in discovering this incredible city!


London is the world's largest financial centre. However, that doesn't mean you have to be a millionaire to enjoy yourself in London! Let Cheetah Cars minicabs rescue your budget by providing a service that's five star for a superb price. We're so different from the traditional London taxi service! When you're new to the city you worry about being overcharged. But with Cheetah Cars our rates are fixed so you know exactly what you'll be expected to pay. We are confident about and proud of our rates so we're happy to quote upfront and let you size up our competition. We know you'll soon be coming back to use Cheetah Cars!

London is often regarded as a world cultural capital and it's true that there is so much to see. That's why it is the world's most-visited city as measured by international arrivals. With all those visitors, you can imagine the state of London taxi queues! Now imagine a transport solution that comes directly to you, on-demand, at a cheaper price. You've just imagined Cheetah Cars minicabs, and we have so much more to offer on top of that! Just as London has a diverse range of people and cultures (more than 300 languages are spoken in the region) we have a diverse range of vehicles in our fleet! We can offer executive cars, eco-friendly options and even vehicles with extra-spacious interiors. When you use Cheetah Cars minicabs, we strive to say yes to your specific requests! Forget the one-size-meets-all London taxi experience and enjoy something a little more personal, yet always professional, with Cheetah Cars minicabs.


Maybe you know London as a centre for worldwide youth culture: the swinging 60s, punk and Cool Britannia all come to mind. It's true that London has paved the way when it comes to modern innovation in music and fashion. In 2008, London was named alongside New York City and Hong Kong as the world's three most influential global cities. Cheetah Cars continues that tradition by refashioning the typical London taxi service to provide something new, pioneering and sleek in the field of transport. When you pay less for better customer service, you'll agree we're pretty groovy, baby! One feature we are especially proud of is our smooth online booking service that makes it easier than ever to book a private hire car. We receive your request and dispatch a driver - it's that simple!

The West End is London's main entertainment and shopping district and areas like Kensington and Chelsea are known for their swanky residential property. The East End is the area closest to the original Port of London, where much of London's early industrial development took place. Whether you want to travel in the East or West of London, Cheetah Cars minicabs are there for you and your transport needs! We use GPS to locate your exact position when you request a vehicle, so forget standing around and waiting while your London taxi struggles to find you. In 2003, a congestion charge was introduced to reduce traffic volumes in the city centre. We also use GPS to select the most efficient route from your location to your destination, which means we can avoid congested areas wherever possible: a direct time-saver for the customer. No matter where you want to go in London, Cheetah Cars minicabs will be happy to help you out.

From Abbeywood to Addington, Barnet to Barbican, Castle Green to Clapham, Dalston to Dulwich, Edgware to Elephant and Castle and all that's in between - Cheetah Cars minicabs can take you there wherever you need to be in London. Forget the London taxi queue and unpredictable rates based on ambiguous meter readings. Instead we offer fixed prices, a fast response time, affordable rates and unbeatable customer service. Our drivers are the utmost in friendly professionalism! Just ask our customers, who have rated us an average of 4.7 out of 5 according to independent review sites. It's clear that we are doing something right which is why Londoners in the know, know to use Cheetah Cars minicabs! Contact us now for your no-obligation quote and realise just how much quicker and easier it is to travel with Cheetah Cars minicabs when you're in London.

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