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If you're looking for a taxi transfer to or from Luton airport, you've accidentally found a superior alternative. At Cheetah Cars minicabs we can take you on the same journey for a more affordable price. We're confident you'll love the defining features that make Cheetah Cars minicabs unique, and you'll understand exactly why we're considered London's premier minicab company. We can upgrade your journey around Luton airport in a variety of ways. Our flexible and professional service truly offers something for everyone. Find out now why our satisfied customers rate us an exceptional 4.7 out of 5 on independent review websites! For a safe, efficient and affordable transport solution around Luton airport, forget the typical Luton airport taxi and try Cheetah Cars minicabs instead!
Minicab and taxi in Luton

If you're arriving at Luton airport, there are numerous reasons to book a Cheetah Cars minicab for the next leg of your journey. For a start, we offer a flight-tracking service that means we will be waiting for you when you land in Luton, regardless of any changes to the estimated arrival time. A delayed flight can be a real drag but Cheetah Cars minicabs alleviate any extra weights by keeping an eye on your flight arrival and waiting for you. This way your next journey is right on time. We lessen the weight of your baggage by offering super spacious vehicles, for when you've travelled with a lot of luggage or maybe just enjoyed yourself at duty free! Either way you can travel in the utmost comfort with Cheetah Cars minicabs. There's no need to wait in Luton airport taxi queues loaded down with luggage.

For those who are travelling for business reasons, our corporate vehicles offer a touch of class ideal for professionals. To arrange for a particular vehicle, call and discuss the options with one of our helpful team members on the phone line. This is a popular service, best booked in advance. We also can offer business accounts so if your company requires regular travel around London - maybe you need to get to and from Luton airport fairly often - we can offer better rates than your basic Luton airport taxi service. Because Cheetah Cars minicabs offer a modern and sleek transport solution, we are a natural fit with local businesses who wish to reduce costs and optimise efficiency. Find out today how Cheetah Cars minicabs can work for your company. We can even offer eco-friendly vehicles if your business wants to reduce its carbon footprint!


Customers travelling to and from Luton airport are used to unpredictable and often extortionate last minute Luton airport taxi fares. For them, Cheetah Cars minicabs are a breath of fresh air. Unlike the standard situation where a nervous traveller eyes the meter, wondering exactly how much the taxi will charge, Cheetah Cars minicabs offer fixed rates. This way, customers can unwind knowing exactly what is expected when they arrive at their destination. Because our prices are fixed, you're able to request a quote in advance. We are proud of our rates so the quote comes with no strings attached - we're happy to let the public know just how affordable we are! With this in mind, why not contact us and satisfy your curiosity? Would your trip be cheaper with Cheetah Cars minicabs? We are sure the answer is yes!

Why are we so sure, you wonder? Well, we don't charge standing fees. We also do not charge to book or to cancel. We are a straightforward service with no small print. Customers love our reliability! We also ensure we our Cheetah driver takes the most sensible route by using GPS to avoid congested and tricky areas around Luton airport. With Cheetah Cars you can save time, money and energy that you'd otherwise lose in a typical Luton airport taxi! We're a great choice for your airport transfer. Why not give us a try today?

Flights from Luton airport may leave or arrive at unsuitable hours. The last thing you want is to miss your flight or end up stuck waiting at the airport. With Cheetah Cars minicabs you can avoid all that so there's no need to worry. We are an open-all-hours service, and when we say open-all-hours we mean it! Twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year you can travel with Cheetah Cars minicabs. Even if you need to pre-book a journey during rush hour, it's no problem. We exclusively accept bookings through our app, phone and our online system, so we can arrange availability for you exactly when you need us. Is there anything more stressful than a rush hour journey to the airport? With Cheetah Cars, it doesn't have to be.

We're sure that Cheetah Cars minicabs can provide the perfect transport solution for you when you're travelling to or from Luton airport. But don't take our word for it! Call now for a quote or use our unique online booking system to arrange for a driver to be dispatched immediately. Cheetah Cars minicabs are ready to make your airport transfer a breeze!


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