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For those looking for a taxi tour of London, we offer the perfect solution - and it's not even a taxi! Instead, give Cheetah Cars minicabs a try - London's favourite private hire service that is snowballing in popularity as customers discover its many advantages! Chances are high that you already know one of our satisfied customers. Maybe they've mentioned the incredibly low prices and high quality service that we offer to our customers? Or perhaps you've read about us online. We have an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 on independent review sites including TripAdvisor thanks to the feedback of our happy customers. It's not hard to see why they're so impressed by our service! Now is the moment to confirm whether our great reviews are telling the truth! Why not experience all that the big city has to offer with our low cost solution to traditional taxi tours of London? Cheetah Cars minicabs offer an excellent transport option for a taxi style tour of the London area and once you've tried us, your days of using a regular taxi will surely be over. All of the Cheetah Cars minicab service has been designed around customer satisfaction. It's time to see how much better our minicabs can make your guided city tour as opposed to the average taxi tour of London in a black cab.


Our top locations to visit include Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square and Soho. When visiting Soho on a late night excursion, lookout for A-list celebrities heading out of London's top nightclubs such as Movida London and Embassy Mayfair. If you do spot some just make sure you've got your camera handy! All our extremely considerate drivers will be more than happy to stopover and wait whilst you take pictures during your guided London tour.


We recommend you take a trip to Warner Bros. Studios where the Harry Potter films were produced. With the huge savings on offer on our private hire tours you are likely to have enough money left over to buy additional souvenirs that you can keep as memorabilia. We're sure the kids will love the entire experience from touring the studios to drinking the very cool Butterbeer refreshments available for all. Call 0208 459 9999 to book your taxi to Warner Bros. Studios now!


If you prefer a trip to famous landmarks in Central London at a fixed rate of £30/hour in a saloon car we can package up a deal for a minimum of 4 hours. The collection and drop-off can be anywhere in Zone 1 or 2. Your Central London tour will include a drive to the following locations:

1. Piccadilly Circus

2. Leicester Square

3. Oxford Street

4. Westminster Abbey

5. Big Ben

6. Madame Tussauds

7. St Paul's Cathedral

8. Tower Bridge

9. Houses of Parliament

10. Buckingham Palace

There are so many amazing places to visit in London. The capital of England has something to offer tourists from all walks of life, from iconic shopping centres such as Harrods, excellent theatres, an amazing nightlife and world class theme parks for kids. Take a look at some of our other top selling tours below:


Peek into the dangerous world of a private eye and secret agent 007. Visit James Bond London filming locations including the MI6 building at Vauxhall Cross houses. You'd have to do your own research about the remaining shoot locations and ask for our 'drive as requested' service to find where St Petersburg Square was shot (in Golden Eye). Find the location of James Bond London HQ, Universal Exports and the many other sites where various films were shot on your next London taxi tour.


This is a drive 'as requested' service only. Our drivers will take you to places where the BBC Sherlock series was filmed based on your personal research and preferences.


Embark on a fun drive across some of the main roads and places found on the iconic board game Monopoly. You can start from Whitechapel with a stop off at the Blind Beggar pub where the notorious East End gangster Ronnie Kray shot a rival - lookout for the chalked outline on the floor where the murder victim lay. Pass through 'income tax' now known as the HMRC offices on Euston Road. Visit Kings Cross station and witness the blend of new and old architecture. Whizz by Angel Islington and then William Hill the top bookmakers in London (to envisage the 'Chance' stop on the Monopoly board). You'd have to map the rest of the route based on your own knowledge of Monopoly that will probably include stopovers at Caledonian Road, Pentonville Road and so forth.


A trip to Stonehenge from Zone 1 for up to 4 passengers will cost £200.


Take a drive up to Berkshire. Windsor Castle is the oldest and largest occupied castle in the world. Purchase tickets on arrival for a tour of Windsor Castle itself, the family home for British Kings and Queens for over 1000 years.


Did you know that Dover Castle is England's largest castle? A trip to the iconic Dover castle will cost £250 for a 4 passenger vehicle. Dover Castle is a medieval castle in Kent that was founded in the 11th century and has been described as the 'key to England' due to its defensive significance in history. Conventional taxi tours of London to Dover Castle can set you back as much as £450 - you save £200+ with us.


Cheetah drivers are the epitome of professionalism. Some of our frequently requested driver partners include:


Jermain drives an environmentally friendly Toyota Prius which means that not only are you guaranteed a fantastic guided London taxi tour but you can also play your part in saving the planet. He was a London estate agent before joining us and has heaps of knowledge about London property and key locations.


Samuel can get you around town in a spacious Ford Galaxy MPV that can accommodate up to 6 passengers. You can visit the city with your entire family. There's plenty of extra leg room in this vehicle. £35/hour for up to 6 passengers is a great value for money proposition. Samuel has over 15 years of roadside experience with us and is a true gentleman.


Waqar drives a super-luxurious BMW 5 series that is an absolute treat for our more discerning customers that wish to sit back and relax in comfort whilst they enjoy their London sightseeing expedition.

As you can see, we have everything in place to offer you excellent guided taxi tours of London throughout the day or night. All we ask is that you pre-book early. Call 0208 459 25252 or email


We offer superb value for money on all our taxi tours of London. Rates are subject to your choice of vehicle.


We charge £30/hour with a minimum of 4 hours. £235 for a full day tour (up to 8 hours).


Our large vehicles can accommodate up to 6 passengers at £35/hour. Full day tours are charged at £275.


An E-Class Mercedes Benz can be booked at £45/hour. A full day tour will cost £350.


We're upfront about all that we do. Delivering great value for money transfers and word of mouth are at the heart of our success. Our trained, knowledgeable and professional drivers use GPS to avoid busy areas and design the perfect taxi style tour of London that enables customers to save time on the road and enjoy more of the city. But remember you save money as well as time when you book a minicab replica of a taxi tour of London with Cheetah Cars. We don't charge our customers a booking fee for their Cheetah Cars minicab journey. We don't even charge if your plans change and you find yourself needing to rearrange your taxi style tour of London. This service is designed around maximum customer satisfaction, remember? Cheetah Cars minicabs offer customers lower, fixed prices with no additional fees imposed - in contrast to many of our competitors! It's no surprise to hear that tourists that are in need of a taxi tour of London are now switching their usual taxi service to give our minicabs a try!

We've all had the experience of paying more than we'd anticipated in a taxi when we arrived at our destination in the past! Especially when we've been stuck in traffic! In that situation, we are basically paying more for a longer and less convenient journey. Cheetah Cars minicabs have finally made a change to that frustrating situation by offering a more sensible and satisfying alternative. To begin, our prices are very competitive. Customers keep telling us how happy they are about the fact that they're able to save money by using our service as opposed to a typical taxi. We're so proud of our prices, we shout them from the rooftops! No mystery or ambiguity when you travel with Cheetah Cars minicabs. If you want to know how much your taxi type tour of London would cost, it's easy for one of the dedicated Cheetah Cars team members to let you know in advance. Then you can make an informed decision over whether that is right for you! Don't worry, there's no obligation! Although we suspect you will be travelling with us soon. We offer consistently low prices that you can depend on for our equivalent service of a conventional taxi tour of London.

In addition to the obvious financial benefits of traveling with Cheetah Cars, we also offer a wide selection of vehicles to match the diversity of our client base for our minicab comparable of a typical taxi tour of London. Travel operators should take into consideration that we can set them up with a specific Cheetah Cars minicabs company account, ensuring transport savings also enrich their business profits. We can provide executive vehicles, perfect for if you're providing a taxi tour of London for your clients. Maybe you're a tourist, and you'd like to travel in an environmentally-friendly mode of transport when taking your guided minicab tour of London. We'd be happy to accommodate you in one of our greener vehicles. It's clear to see that we offer far more than the average taxi service and we are more flexible and customer-friendly in the way we manage our business.


For a transport solution you can depend on, you can't do better than Cheetah Cars for your minicab alternative to a taxi tour of London! We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: a true open-all-hours experience that means your tailored minicab excursion has no limits which is in our opinion far superior than a regular taxi tour of London! Even if you're travelling during busy times, we are happy to arrange this in advance and guarantee your driver's availability for you. When you give up your regular taxi tour of London in exchange for our advanced minicab London voyage we can help you to organise and tailor the perfect sightseeing expedition of London that meet your tastes! There are so many reasons to give us a try and let us help you make the most of your time in this fabulous city. See how we can upgrade your taxi tour of London, saving you both time and money as you enjoy the sights! It's our pleasure to provide an exemplary level of customer service to our passengers that choose us instead of a regular taxi tour of London!


Can I order a London taxi tour online?


Can I pay by card?


Are taxi tours of London expensive?

You need steep pockets for a London taxi tour in a conventional black cab. Chances are you'll save up to 40% in a minicab excursion.

Can I obtain a fixed quote for a London taxi tour in advance?

You can pay an agreed price with a minicab. You'd have to agree a rate with a standard black cab in advance as they usually calculate fares on a taximeter.

How do I order a taxi tour of London?

You can hail a taxi on the street. Or book a minicab excursion with us via or call +44208 459 2525.

How much is a taxi tour of London?

You can order a tour based on an hourly rate, a full day tour or even specify a transfer to a particular site in London.

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