Booking Terms



Version: 1.9

Last Revision: 09/01/2024

The agreement is drafted on the basis that it is governed by English law.

Please note references to "us", "we", "the company", or "our" refers to Cheetah Limited. References to "the customer(s)"", "you" or "your" refers to the Booker and or Passenger.

By accessing or using our Services, you confirm your agreement to be bound by these Booking Terms. If you do not agree to these Booking Terms, you may not access or use the Services. Cheetah limited reserves the right to alter/change the Booking Terms as and when required.

To use our Services, you must register for and maintain an active personal user Account. To acquire an Account you must be at least 18 years of age and your chosen method of payment must be registered to no one other than yourself.

To successfully register an Account you must submit some personal information, this may include your name, contact mobile phone number, email address, as well as a valid payment method. By accessing or using our Service you agree to maintain true, precise, complete, and current information in your Account. You are liable for all activity that takes place under your Account including booked journeys, cancelled trips, payments etc. You are responsible for the security and confidentiality of your Account username and password at all times and as a result you are held liable for all transactions that take place via your Account. You may only possess one Account.

You agree that we may contact you by email, telephone or text message(s) at any of the contact details provided by you or a third party on your behalf in relation to an Account, including for marketing purposes. By using our Service you agree that we can contact you at any time before, during or after your journey. You understand that you are not required to provide this consent as a condition of purchasing any goods or services.

The Operator is principal, for the purposes of Regulation 9(14) of the Private Hire Vehicles (London) (Operators' Licences) Regulations 2000 (as amended), and acknowledges its responsibility to the Customer in accepting the booking and provision of the journey.

1. Prices

1.1 Fares

The customer agrees to make a fare payment to the company in consideration of the provision of a private hire booking and journey. The Fare can be collected by the driver on behalf of the company.

Pricing works on a fixed basis for all bookings types whether via a telephone, online portals including APPs, live chat, email or in person - Your final fare will be displayed on the Driver App!

Your fare may exceed the quoted/estimate as this is merely a general fare guide – traffic, route selection, diversions, tolls, congestion charge (where applicable)and other such key factors may determine your final fare which is payable in full.    

The price you have been quoted includes one transfer from the pickup point to your destination.  Your Fare has been quoted based on a route which is widely used by our fleet.  If you decide to opt for an alternative route the Fare is subject to change which also includes any additional stops or vehicle upgrades.

If your journey falls within our peak time fares for any given reason such as a delayed flight arrival time then the new peak time fare will supersede the journey estimate. Peak time fares start from 06:50-09:00 & 14:30-19:00 Monday-Friday.

We reserve the right to change prices as we see fit.

1.2 Price going to Luton & Stansted–  Free shuttle service

Luton and Stansted Airport Free shuttle service are located by the Mid Stay Car parks.  The Free shuttle service is provided by the Airport and runs on their own schedule directly to the airport terminal, please see the airport website for more information.

If you decide to change your journey destination to the Express drop off point there will be an additional charge – see 1.3 for express drop off charges. You will need to call through or email so the booking can be correctly updated to your new drop off point.

1.3 Additional Airport Drop off point charges - which have come into effect by the Airports.

The prices on display below are managed by the Airports.

Express Drop off Airport Charges
Airport / Terminal Additional Fare
Heathrow T1 to T5 £5
Gatwick North Terminal Express Drop Off £6
Gatwick South Terminal Express Drop Off £6
Luton Express Drop Off £5
Stansted Express Drop Off £7
London City Airport Express Drop Off) £3.50

1.4 Price collecting from the Airport

The price you have been quoted includes one transfer from your chosen pickup Airport to your destination. The Fare will include a meet and greet based on the type you require (see prices in 1.5), flight tracking, and parking cost up to a maximum of £7

If you are later than expected on an airport collection, you will be liable to pay waiting time plus a contribution towards any parking charges in addition to the fare quoted.


The fare selected is £43

Flight Arrival time: 04:00 pm

Pick Up Time (after arrival/landing): 45minutes after

The driver will aim to meet you at 04:45pm

No extra charges will be incurred, and you pay the driver £43

But If you are late in getting out and meet the driver at 05:45pm – you pay the driver £71.00

How is my new fare calculated?

The New fare will be broken down into 3 elements

Airport Collection Fare - Waiting time - Parking Fee

The Airport Collection Fare is fixed at £43

The Additional waiting time is 60 minutes (60 Mins x 0.34p = £20)

The Parking Charge (hypothetical) £15.00 (£15.00 - £7inc in fixed fare = £8)

New Fare is £43 + £20 + £8 = £71.00

1.5 ‘ Meet & Greet’ Collections at Airports

If you have requested a meet & greet service at the airport the price we have quoted you includes flight monitoring.

The prices on display below are Airport specific

Meet & Greet at the airport charges
Airport / Terminal Additional Fare
Heathrow T2 - T3 - T4 - T5 (Inside) £9
Gatwick North - South (Inside) £7
Luton Express 10Min PickUp (Outside) £7
Luton Premium Meet & Greet (Inside) £14
Stansted Zone D Express PickUp (Outside) £7
Stansted Premium Meet & Greet (Inside) £15
City Airport Premium Meet & Greet (Inside) £17

If you are later than expected on an airport collection, you will be liable to pay waiting time plus a contribution towards any parking charges in addition to the fare quoted as seen above in 1.4 Price collecting from the airport.

If the driver parking charge exceeds then the additional cost will be paid by the passenger.

The parking charge will only increase in the event of a passenger being late – please ensure you give yourself sufficient hold off time after landing.  The website has a default set at 45minutes, you are required to select a hold off period that suits you best.

The driver will meet you inside the terminal only once contact can be made – unless a booking has been prepaid.  You can make contact by calling the driver directly (please look out for the driver Arrival SMS when you land).  Alternatively call our 24hr line on 0208 459 25 25.

1.6 Express pick up point collections at Stansted and Luton Airport

Only 10 minutes are included free of charge from all express pickup points at Luton, London City and Stansted airport - parking charges reaching a maximum of £7 are inclusive of your fare – If parking exceeds £7 then you will need to the pay the difference.

1.7 Via’s or Extra stops

Any deviations on the journey will be charged as extras and will need to be agreed by us – a variation needs to be agreed on email or via telephone.  A variation sent via the Booking comments will not be sufficient.

2. Waiting time & Parking Charges

2.1 Waiting time at collection address or at the Airport

If you are later than expected there will be waiting time charges applicable.

Waiting time is chargeable at 0.34pence per minute


Collection pre-booked for 13:00 pm

Driver Waiting time at collection for 30 minutes

How is my new fare calculated?

Driver Waiting time charge 30(Mins) x 0.34(pence per min) = £10.00

The New Fare will include an additional £10.00

You are liable for any delays caused due to lost baggage, customs hold ups or other delays.  A flight delay will be tracked and is not considered as a chargeable delay.

2.2 Parking charges

If there are parking charges applicable at your collection address, then this cost will need to be paid on top of the fare.

The parking charge at the airport is inclusive of the Fare only up to a maximum of a £7 parking ticket – if this is exceeded then the passenger is liable to pay for the difference.

This varies for Luton / Stansted and City Airport Premium meet and greet services were if parking charges exceeds £10 you pay the difference (£15 parking ticket - £10 = £5 extra to be paid on top of Fare)

2.3 Airport Pick Up Time

We will aim to pick you up at the Estimated Pick Up Time specified by you.  The Estimated Pick Up Time is calculated as follows; Flight Arrival time + Pick up Time (after arrival/landing)


Flight Arrival Time is 04:00pm + selected Pick up Time (after arrival/landing) 45 minutes, means your actual Estimated Pick up time will be 04:45pm

2.4 Additional waiting time will be chargeable at £20 per hour but this does not include flight delays. For all value express pickups we are only able to offer a 10 minute window for swift collections.

2.5 Flight arrival times are referenced from the public web sites of each respective airport we service. 

2.6 If you are going to the airport you have 5 minutes free waiting time from your place of collection for the time specified.

3. Vehicle option

3.1 We will provide you with at least your minimum choice of vehicle option. 

3.2 Our fleet of actual vehicle models may differ from those illustrated on the website or app.

3.3 All vehicle class changes will result in additional charges.  Fares are based on passenger and baggage capacity combinations.  

In the event a driver fits your luggage in a smaller vehicle than what was required you are liable to pay the larger vehicle Fare


You pre-booked a Saloon Car

A Saloon Car is dispatched

Your luggage is excessive and suitable for an Estate/Intermediate Car

Option 1- You are required to pay a cancellation fee whilst your larger vehicle is ordered (Fee 75% of the Fare)

Option 2 - You and the driver decide to continue with the current car you are liable to pay the Fare for a larger car

4. Vehicle capacity

4.1 The passenger and baggage capacity of each vehicle type is clearly listed on the web site. It is your responsibility to ensure that the vehicle option you have chosen meets your transfer needs. If in doubt, please call or email us at [email protected] with any specific questions before making your booking.

5. Refusal

5.1 The driver has the right to refuse any passenger he/she feels may be a threat or danger to him/herself. 

5.2 The company has the right to refuse or cancel a booked transfer at any point in time. Whilst we aim to support all customers there are instances which result in matters beyond our reasonable control such as adverse weather conditions, fuel shortages, driver supply, and road closures impacting a safe collection

6. Responsibility

6.1 The Material on this site is provided as general information only and does not constitute the acceptance for any booking arrangements made. We accept no responsibility from any loss incurred.

6.2 Furthermore we do not accept responsibility for any loss financial, professional, missed connection times, flights, trains for the driver being late due to adverse weather or traffic conditions including road traffic accidents/closures. The same applies with incorrect booking information supplied by the customer or persons booking.

6.3 We are not liable for business losses. App(s)/Website(s) Services are provided only for private use. If you use App(s)/Website(s) Services for any commercial or business purpose we will have no liability to you for any loss of profit, loss of business, loss of revenue, business interruption, or loss of business opportunity (whether or not such loss could be reasonably expected to flow from our negligence or breach of these Terms).

6.4 If we are liable to you in connection with the Booking Service or passenger transport, its liability, insofar as is permitted by law, will be limited to an amount equal to £500 in aggregate.

7. Cancellations / C.O.A

7.1 Cancellations made up to 4 hours before your pickup date and time are free-of-charge. You can cancel a booking by going into ‘My Bookings’ on your app or clicking the 'Cancel Booking' icon link in our confirmation email. Alternatively, call through to our call centre to cancel a booking.

7.2 Cancellations made less than 4 hours before your pickup date and time will be charged at 100%. You MUST call us (do not email) on +44(0)208-459-2525 if you wish to cancel less than 4 hours before the Pick Up time. 

7.3 No show is defined as follows: If passenger books a private hire car with us and fails to meet the driver on pick up time, this will include home, hotel and other private address. This will include wrong date wrong time bookings. If the passenger fails to make contact to inform their status at the airport will be considered as a no show. All bookings prepaid by a credit or debit card will not be refunded in the event of a no show. A grace period of 10 minutes is given, before cancellation.

7.4 If you paid using PayPal, Credit or Debit Card, we will normally provide refunds for cancellations immediately but in some cases it may take us up to 21 days.

8. Booking Errors

8.1 If Booking Errors have been made and we have not been informed by telephone within 24 hours of the erroneous booking, then you agree to take full responsibility for our costs and any payment already made will be used to cover our costs. 

8.2 You may inform us by email ([email protected]) if your pickup time is more than 24 hours away. You agree to call us on +44(0)208-459-2525 if your booking is in less than 24 hours.

8.3 We will not accept responsibility for booking errors if you do not inform us using the proper method stated in 8.2. 

9. Changes

9.1 If you require a change to your pickup date and/or time or location, please email us at [email protected]

9.2 If your pick up date and time is in less than 24 hours, you agree to call us with any changes on +44(0)208-459-2525.

9.3 We will not accept responsibility for booking changes if you do not inform us using the proper method stated in 9.2.

9.4 You agree to keep us up to date on your itinerary, especially if you know your flight is going to be delayed or if you have a change in flight number. This will ensure the driver is able to meet and greet you in the right location/time and terminal. Always quote your booking reference when contacting us.

10. Refund

10.1 Refunds will be issued on the following grounds:
* Booking prepaid with a credit card or debit card and cancellation notified 4 hours prior to the actual pick up time.
* If the passenger misses the flight and informs us in advance either by email or via phone and obtains a confirmation of cancellation request via email or SMS.

10.2 No refunds will be issued for the following:
* If the passenger books the PHV for a wrong date, wrong flight number, missing flight number and other misleading information.
* If the passenger leaves the pick up point at airport without informing us for any reason whatsoever.

11. Refund time

11.1 Please note that it may take up to 21 days for us to process any refunds.

12. Meeting point

12.1 You agree to meet us at Our designated meeting point in the arrivals terminal building. The location of our driver meeting point will be clearly provided to you in our booking confirmation email. 

13. Baggage

13.1 You are responsible to load and unload your baggage onto the private hire vehicle(s). We cannot be held responsible for the loss or damage of your goods. You are responsible for your luggage and goods at all times. The drivers may assist you at their discretion, however, you agree that you will not hold the driver liable for any loss/damage to baggage or any items in/out of your baggage.

13.2 It is your responsibility to select the correct vehicle type to meet your baggage needs at time of booking; the luggage capacity information or imagery shown is merely a guide and we do not accept responsibility if items cannot fit for any clarification you must call the office directly on the number provided.

13.3 We will not carry luggage on seats and must be stowed in the rear boot of the vehicle.

13.4 We do not accept responsibility for any claims related to the loss or damage of goods and luggage whilst in transit or post transfer.

14. Infant, Child and Booster seats

14.1 Under UK law, you are not required to use a child seat in a private hire vehicle such as ours (
more info here), however, we aim to provide these seats on-request but we do not guarantee their availability during peak periods or their suitability for your child. If the driver provides you with a child seat upon pickup, it is your sole responsibility to inspect it and ensure it meets your child's needs. 

14.2 The installation/fitting of any child seat(s) we provide and the buckling of a child is the sole responsibility of the customer. Usage of child seats provided by us are entirely at your discretion and you agree that the driver will not be held responsible for them in any way. 

15. Zero tolerance on abuse

15.1 We reserve the right to refuse to transport or cease to transport any Passenger who behaves in a disorderly, threatening or abusive manner or who, in our absolute discretion, we consider a nuisance or a danger to our employees, agents, subcontractors or to fellow Passengers and may require such a Passenger to alight from a Passenger Vehicle and the Customer may be charged a Cancellation Fee. We are committed to providing Services in accordance with the Equality Act 2010. We may assist any Passenger who is not capable of boarding and alighting a Passenger Vehicle unaided, at our sole discretion but at the Passenger’s risk.

15.2 We will prosecute any persons who intentionally cause damage to the vehicle or verbally abuse the driver.

16. Delays

16.1 We shall not be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in breach of these terms by reason of any delay in performing any of our obligations.

16.2 We shall not be liable to the Customer or be deemed to be in breach of these terms by reason of any failure to perform any of our obligations under these terms if the delay or failure was due to any circumstances or cause beyond our reasonable control.

17. Soiling Charge

17.1 The driver can charge the customer a soilage charge of up to £60 for soiling that requires the private hire vehicle to be taken out of service for cleaning as per TFL guidance.

16.2 The customer shall compensate the Company against all losses, costs, damages and expenses arising from any act or omission of any passenger in their party

18. Complaints Procedure

18.1 If you have a reason for complaint, please provide full details by emailing ([email protected]). We aim to respond to all complaints within 5 to 7 working days.