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Looking for a taxi in London's West End, the infamous theatre district? You've found something better! Book a minicab with Cheetah Cars and we will rock you directly to your destination. Forget miserable waiting in the taxi queue; simply book online with us and a car will be with you like greased lightning! We are the producers of sensible travel solutions in the West End area. Ditch the West End taxi queue for us and you'll soon be hearing the sound of music! The West End is a wonderful place to visit but the traffic can be wicked. Defy the rush hour crush by arranging your transport with Cheetah Cars, London's preferred minicab service. You'll be saying mamma mia when you realise just how affordable your trip can be, especially if you're already accustomed to pricey West End taxis. Cheetah Cars minicabs are experienced professionals in transporting guys and dolls from London's West End. Contact us today!
Minicab and taxi in West End

Booking a Cheetah Cars minicab from the West End couldn't be easier. Your trip doesn't need to be a west side story. Simply download our app or use our convenient online web booker and we will be with you without any annoying intermission. Don't break a leg chasing a taxi in the West End! Try a service whose name should be in lights. Cheetah Cars minicabs are receiving rave reviews from the only critics we need to impress: our customers. Independent review sites rate us a showstopping 4.7 out of 5! Let Cheetah Cars minicabs treat you like a star! You shouldn't be part of the chorus line waiting for a taxi. We will put your needs centre stage.

Here at Cheetah Cars we understand that safety is a customer's first priority. We are a responsible minicab company who, like a London taxi, has to comply with Transport For London regulations. Our drivers and cars are screened to ensure our customers' maximum security. We also understand that taking a taxi in the West End can be expensive. That's why we offer a fixed price service that is more affordable and accessible for customers. Private hire cars shouldn't cost the world! Thanks to Cheetah Cars, our customers can enjoy luxury on a bargain budget. Who doesn't like to receive more for less? There's a reason our customers keep returning to the exemplary service offered by Cheetah Cars. You could call us a Cheetah car named desire! Call now on 0208 459 25 25 to book or use our online service.

Because we don't have the standing charges of a taxi, we're confident you'll find our service more affordable than a conventional black taxi in the West End area. Feel free to call 0208 459 25 25 for a quote now! We use our satellite technology to avoid areas of heavy congestion so we can get you where you need to be faster. Anyone who has experienced the frustration of being stuck in a traffic jam, watching the meter move when you aren't, knows it's a nightmare scenario. We will work to dodge any problematic areas, however even when there is inevitable traffic you can completely avoid that frustration of a ticking meter with Cheetah Cars. Because of our fixed price policy, you can relax safe in the knowledge that you still aren't paying more than you expected to. We think it's the fairest way to charge our valued customers in the West End.

Just like in the West End where there are a range of shows to suit a variety of tastes, Cheetah Cars minicabs offer many different vehicles to meet all particular needs. To discuss options as diverse as executive cars, eco-friendly vehicles or transport with extra space, call us now on 0208 459 25 25. We are bound to have an option that's perfect for you. We invite our business clients to contact us with reference to opening a corporate account with Cheetah Cars to enjoy the savings of a more affordable private hire service for your business needs. To find out more about our priority service - just ask!


Cheetah Cars minicabs are equally suited to tourists as to London residents because both need affordable transport with an efficient timescale and both want to be reassured about their safety and comfort. No matter your situation, you'll love our friendly and professional drivers. They're trained, experienced and delighted to help customers from all walks of life get from A to B, as quickly as can be! If you've never used our service before, make today the first scene of a brand new act in your West End transport story. Leave the crowds at the taxi queue behind you.

Londoners in the know, know that Cheetah Cars minicabs provide the best option for transport in the West End area. Let's review the many benefits of using our service. Firstly, it's fixed price - so no more unexpected costs like you may be used to from a typical West End taxi. There are no cancellation or booking fees because the customer's needs come first. There are a huge range of cars available to suit any taste or specification. You don't wait for us, we wait for you! And our service is on-demand at the touch of a button. We use satellite technology to find the most convenient possible routes to save your time and money. All drivers and cars are regulated to city standards and our drivers are renowned for their professional level of service. Call 0208 459 25 25 or book online to experience Cheetah Cars minicabs today!

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